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It’s important to get an overall picture of your space and how you want to use it. Will your space be used for entertaining large groups? Charging all the family gadgets? All day Sunday meal preps? Quiet meditation? These starter prompts help us best envision unique and functional solutions for you. Below is a small sampling of the types of questions we will ask in order to make your project perfect for YOU.

  • Are the cabinets coming together to make sure they open and close seamlessly? 

  • Are we designing something that looks like it belongs in the house? 

  • Are we considering directional lighting? 

  • Are we considering the placement of the electrical components? 

  • Are we considering the placement of plumbing? 

  • If there are outlets embedded inside cabinets where do they go?

  • Where do the outlets go with glass cabinets?

  • How do you store your cookie sheets? 

  • Where and how do you store your pots and pans? 

  • Where do you do meal preparation? 

  • Where do you keep and access spices and spice drawers? 

  • Where do you store certain utensils? 

The goal is to work with you to understand your lifestyle and how you live, so we can create a space or a solution that combines amazing function with incredible design. 

This is the type of attention to detail you will find when working with Plum Grove Millworks. There is no piece of your project that is an afterthought. Whether it be an outlet, a piece of trim, a finishing detail or the alignment of a knob, we think through it all and deliver excellently crafted custom results. 

Get in touch with Plum Grove Millworks, and let's start your project today!

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